Juice that matches your table 👍

This morning, I had two very ripe mangoes that needed using so I made a smoothie and some ice lollies (recipe will be posted in a another post). The colour was amazing, it co-ordinated with my table perfectly!

1 Very ripe mango
1/2 Cup of frozen raspberries
The juice from 3 ripe oranges
1 Banana

Juice the oranges, I do them by hand. But everything in a blender and mix.

In this smoothie there is no added sugar or flavouring, only 100% natural sugar found in fruit.



First breakfast of the year outside!

This morning has been beautiful in England! The sun has been shining and the temperature around 15 degrees! Thats practically tropical for us! So I took my breakfast and ate it outside!

I love summer but unfortunately we don’t always get a good one here so you have to make the most of the weather!

Breakfast was just granola and fruit with coconut milk, and a smoothie of frozen berries, banana and fresh fruit juice! Delicious!

Happy bank holiday Monday!

Throwing anything and everything together to make a meal!

So this is what I ate for my tea! A tofu, vegetable curry, with rice and salad. The cupboards were looking a little bare, so I just tried to make do with what I had! It actually tasted really really good! Here’s the recipe for the curry!

1/2 block of tofu
1/2 bottle of curry sauce (make sure it’s vegan, a lot of pre made sauces contain milk)
Vegetables of choice
Soya cream

Slice the tofu into small pieces and toss in a saucepan along with the vegetables. Fry until food is lightly brown. Add the sauce and mix together on a low heat. Add soya cream little by little until preference. Serve with rice and whatever else you please!

Not the most glamourous recipe but it’s easy and quick and nice on a cold night! :D

Overnight oats

I have seen so many recipes for overnight oats in the past, and it’s always been one of those things that I’ve really wanted to try, but never got round to doing. So the other day, I decided I was going to make them for the first time! I love oats in the morning with warm milk and syrup, but I’ve never thought to try them any other way! So here is my first attempt!

I was quite impressed, although next time I don’t think I’ll put as much milk in, it wasn’t as thick in consistancy as I would have liked. In the recipe I’m not putting amounts because I’m still working on the quantities and it’s also down to personal preference.

Rolled oats
Coconut milk
Coconut sugar
Chia seeds
Fruit/nuts to top (optional)

The chia seeds are optional, it’s just a good way to get an extra protein boost. You can also use any kind of milk. Next time I’m going to use vanilla soy milk and vanilla sugar!

Mix the oats, milk, chia seeds and sugar together. Pour into an air tight container, mason jars work great. Place in fridge overnight. The next day the mixture should have thickened (mine didn’t!!) and then transfer into a bowl, top with fruit, nuts and natural sugar!


Messy morning breakfast!

I haven’t made a smoothie for breakfast for a while and I was craving one badly today!

1 Cup mixed frozen berries
1 Banana
1/2 Cup soya milk
1/2 Tsp vanilla sugar

Add ingredients together and blend until smooth!

I got some vanilla sugar from Norway for Easter and I wanted to try it out instead of using vanilla essence, omg it was beautiful! :D


Belated Easter!

So I haven’t wrote for a little while, I hope everyone had a lovely Easter!

My Easter breakfast consisted of raspberry sorbet topped with coconut sugar and dessicated coconut :) delicious!
I also enjoyed my first vegan Easter egg!

So I have been super busy, I am moving in a couple of weeks and starting a new job which I am sooo nervous and excited about at the same time! I will keep you all updated!